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Does FlashLash Extensions® Accept Credit Cards?

Yes, we accept Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. Gratuity cannot be added to the credit card.  A credit card must be on hold to book all appointments with Fashlash extensions®, and Fashlash extensions®. Please refer to our cancellation policy. 

Why Don't We Work on Other Places Work?

Trust us when we say: We have seen it all. In the past we would accept new clients in hopes we can work with their existing extensions. 9 out of 10 times, we ended up doing a removal. We would rather meet before and take a look at the extensions before booking an appointment that way we are better able to meet your needs.

How Long Do the Extensions Last?

In about two to three weeks, you can expect about half of your extensions to shed.  When proper aftercare is followed, the eyelash extensions wearer will find that the extensions shed very gracefully and naturally.  It is best to start with The Glam® or The WOW® so in two to three weeks the wearer will have more extensions left than The Natural®.  When the eyelash extensions are applied theFashlash extensions®way, you will find that your follow-up appointments will be around the two-three week mark.  You will also notice that Fashlash extensions®uses a unique waterproof bonding agent that lasts longer than most other adhesives, and as we are told by our clients, the adhesive "does not burn!"  Imitation products may not last as long because of their low-quality bonding agent.  

Can I Wear Mascara?

At Fashlash extensions®, we like to say, if you feel like you need to wear mascara, you're not getting the correct set of individual eyelash extensions. You might need to go fuller. However, we do have many clients who enjoy the process of applying mascara as part of her daily routine.  If you are to wear mascara, it must be water-based, and only applied to the tips of the extensions (not the base aka by the lash line). Fashlash extensions® carries mascara made specifically for eyelash extensions. 

Can I Swim, Sweat, Shower?

Yes. Fashlash extensions® adhesive allows clients to swim, shower, and sweat.  Our technique is waterproof.  You just have to allow the extensions to cure for 24-48 hours after application. 

Why Such a Strict Cancellation Policy?

Our artists are paid only on the services they provide. We feel that by not getting an hourly pay the artists are always striving to be the best in their craft. We make sure that all correct contact information is gathered so appointment confirmations can be made. Each appointment is anywhere between one and three hours. We respect and value your time, as well as the time of our professional artists. 

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